We value our patients' experience at Fontana Eyecare Associates. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Fontana Eyecare Associates.

Dr. Jeffrey Kempf

  • "Experienced eye care personnel and a friendly staff!"
    Rick S.
  • "I cannot give enough stars to Dr. Fontana. He is so adorable and nice! I had Lasik about 3 years ago and after the initial year of checkups with TLC had to find a optometrist for yearly checkups. I found Dr. Fontana through my insurance website and picked him since his office is right by my house.

    He's probably been practicing for over 50 years and is just so grandfatherly. He's very thorough and uses up to date (to my knowledge) equipment. He peppers in casual personal questions throughout the exam - not in a prying, small talk way, but in a general curious to know way. I just love him so much and he is one doctor I don't mind having to go see."
    Marjie T.
  • "I have been receiving exceptional eye care services from Dr. Fontana for over 30 years. In recent years I have been assessed by Dr. Jeffrey Kempf and found him to be most knowledgeable, extremely thorough and exhibiting a high degree of professionalism and courtesy. I walk away learning something new. Office staff are always welcoming and helpful."
    Maureen C.
  • "Dr. Fontana's eye care practice is located in the offices above the shops at Hampton Village. He is an awesome Optometrist. He is very thorough and knowledgeable and just the sweetest guy ever. His front office staff are professional and courteous. A basic exam is $100, which is a little higher than some of the discount eye centers, but they work with most insurance companies and I feel that I am in competent hands here. Great operation. Highly recommended!"
    Kelly B.

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